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Guatemala covers 42,000 square miles and is at the northern end of the Central American isthmus. It is bordered by Mexico to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea and Belize to the east and El Salvador and Honduras to the southeast. The country is comprised of towering mountains and majestic volcanoes, temperate plateaus, tropical lowlands, desert-like river valleys, lowland jungles and swamps.
Electricity: As any other country in America, the voltage in Guatemala is 110-120 volts.



The currency is the Quetzal 1$US = 7.80Q                                                                                            
Credit card Visa Master Card and American Express are accepted in almost every business with an extra charge of 5% to 10%.   Credit cards and ATM cards are useful in the cities. Most hotels accept credit and debit cards.  Cash is convenient but not secure to carry.  Bills must be in good conditions.  Carry just enough cash for the day. Most hotels will provide safes. Take a supply of US one dollar bills to use for tips.

Communication by Telephone / Cell phone coverage  
If you need to stay in touch with friends and family via your cell phone, check with your cell phone carrier to see if you can purchase a phone card that will allow you access.

There are café internets everywhere for communication.

Water and food standards have improved tremendously and bottled purified water is available throughout the region. Drinking purified water while traveling is recommended. Sun block, hats and insect repellant are also recommended. Remember to take any prescription medicines you may need. Check with your doctor if you have special concerns.